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Hello and welcome to my site.  My name is Sarah Claxton, I am a massage therapist based in London.  I provide mobile massage in the home, office and event environment and also hold a clinic within 2 London locations.  My qualifications are in holistic (Swedish) massage, sports massage, aromatherapy, hot stones massage and seated acupressure massage.  I will be posting blogs about different aspects of massage including self massage techniques, how massage can benefit you, the different types of massage on offer as well as suggestions for aromatherapy blends you can try to scent your home.

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What is hot stone massage?

What is hot stone massage?

Hot stone massage is massage technique where the therapists uses heated stones to apply massage to the body. Traditionally these stones are made from basalt, a type of volcanic rock. The stones are usually heated in a water bath but sometimes they may be placed in a heating bag, especially if the treatment is a mobile massage treatment. For more information  regarding mobile massage treatments within the borough’s or Bexley, Greenwich and Lewisham please Contact me.

It is usual for the hot stones massage to begin with the placement of hot stones at various points of the body.  To avoid burning the client the therapist will only apply placement stones throw a towel.  It is important to let your therapist know if the temperature of these stones gets too much.

Like other forms of massage, massage oil is used in the application of the massage. If your therapist is an aromatherapist they may ask if you’d like an aromatherapy oil blend.

To begin with your therapist will use the stones to heat their hands and apply oil. This allows the stones to cool slightly so they can be applied to the skin and also allows the client to get used to the warmth. The stones will be introduced using gentle brushing strokes before moving onto more fluid and deeper strokes.  Each time a new stone is introduced the therapist will follow this pattern

What is hot and cold stone massage?

Hot and cold stone massage is the use of hot stones (as above) combined with the use of cold marble stones.  The therapist will introduce the cold stones in the same way as the hot stones.  This may be particularly beneficial for sports injuries but also creates an invigorating contrast to the massage.

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If you’re searching for London based massage therapists near you, you can find me at my Waterloo clinic on Mondays and Fridays. Click here to book.  To book for my Sunday and Thursday Woolwich clinc or for mobile massage in the borougbs of Greenwich, Lewisham or Bexley you can Contact me directly.

Finding your way around the world of massage therapy can be a confusing process when it comes to asking “where can I find massage near me?”.  Firstly lets think about the kind of massage that you are looking for, what is the desired outcome?  If you’re suffering from an ongoing condition  that causes you a lot of discomfort then your best bet is probably sports and remedial massage.  If you are looking for a relaxing massage you may be better off considering holistic (Swedish) massage or aromatherapy.  For office based massage ‘seated’ or ‘chair’ massage would be your best bet.  So once you’ve decided what type of therapy you like next you can find your therapist.  It is advisable to find an accredited therapist  within your local area.  Most accredited therapists will be a member of an organisation or association.  The two that I would recommend are the regulatory body the CNHC and the professional association the CHP. Both of these orgainisations have a strict code of conduct for registered practioners and both have facilities to help you find a massage therapist near you.